Cosmicnode and Fulham Partner to Provide Scalable, Sustainable Wireless Control Solutions

November 11, 2023

Cosmicnode, the leading provider of highly reliable and scalable wireless mesh systems, is thrilled to announce its innovative new partnership with lighting power supply manufacturer Fulham.

Fulham is a leading manufacturer of LED drivers and the number one independent innovator of globally mandated emergency lighting solutions. With a 25+ year legacy of successful global operations, Fulham has developed several core product programs including LED drivers, emergency solutions, micro-inverters, horticulture solutions, germicidal UV solutions and retrofit kits. Fulham acts as both an engineer and an importer and multi-lister, developing products for release around the world.

With Fulham’s expertise in manufacturing high quality LED drivers, combined with Cosmicnode’s scalable and reliable wireless mesh platform, this partnership will revolutionise the way that lighting control solutions can be integrated and utilised.

Key highlights of the partnership:

  1. Innovative Solutions – Decades of experience puts Fulham at the forefront of innovative technology in essential lighting products, an offering which is only advanced by Cosmicnode’s innovative wireless mesh solutions being integrated into Fulham products.
  2. Efficiency and Sustainability – Intelligent lighting controls offer quality, versatility and sustainability for customers. This collaboration enables customers to benefit from the best-in-class solutions in their fields, not just offering a high-quality experience but also benefitting customers by reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring substantial cost savings.
  3. Customer Benefits – Fulham and Cosmicnode share a joint value in creating a world in which society can benefit from everything the latest technology makes possible – health, safety, energy efficiency and convenience. A key goal of this partnership is ensuring high reliability, efficiency, and bespoke solutions for customers. The primary focus of product strategies will centre around critical health and safety applications.

Stay tuned for more updates and product announcements as we embark on this exciting journey with Fulham. Together, we will illuminate the future of wireless lighting!

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