Transforming Greenhouses Globally via Intelligent Wireless Platform

Cosmicnode provides growers with full control over the light spectrum and climatic conditions in the greenhouse and vertical farms. Our intelligent systems and closed- loop algorithms help optimize the light intensity and spectrum for the growers crops at each stage of growth.



Our Products Are Industrial Grade
and Suitable for the Greenhouse Environment


Allows grower to control and set the right light levels, and schedule calendars based on crop recipes. A detailed near real-time reporting view is available.

0-10V/PWM Node

Smooth and adjustable fade time dimming. Works
with standard 0-10V/PWM LED drivers. It can be
powered by a 12-24VDC auxiliary power source
from the LED driver.

Modbus (P/RS485)

Seamless integration with climate computers like
Priva, Hoogendoorn, Ridder. Also integrates with off the shelf sensors like humidity, temperature, C02 and others after the existing content.

PAR sensor

Measures PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux
Density) in agricultural environments including
greenhouses, growth chambers, and others. It can
be measured at zone levels.

IOT Gateway

lOT Gateway acts as a bridge, translating IP messages into wireless mesh commands. It connects the Bluetooth CNMesh network to the cloud.


Address the Needs of A Grower

Cosmicnode system provides growers with full control over the light spectrum and climatic conditions in the greenhouses

We offer two flavours of solution:

Connected mode allows control and monitoring of greenhouse remotely via a CNMesh gateway over Internet.

Standalone mode allows the grower to use lightweight web application for control and monitoring of lamps Iocally.


Light Level

Use controls to set the optimum light levels required for a crop i.e. amount of light required for a crop (in μmol/s2)


Light Spectrum

Use controls to provide the right spectrum of light for a crop. i.e. from UV to infrared as per the recipe defined by the grower.


Light Scheduling

Based on the type of crop and recipe, grower can use calendar functionality for the entire duration of the recipe. These calendars can be pre-defined based on the seasons for an entire year.


Sensor Controls

Sensor control loop functionality triggers automatic control of light intensity based on a threshold PPFD value set by the grower


Integration with Climate Computer

Seamless integration with the climate computers of Priva, Hoogendoorn, Ridder via modbus RS485 or TCP-IP protocol.



The Work We Do and the People We Help

Smart Lighting Controls for a 10 Hectare Greenhouse in Netherlands

Customer Requirement

  • The requirement to set and control the spectrum and intensity levels
  • Multi-zone light management
  • Schedule and monitor lights via simple and intuitive Ul
  • Reporting of multiple parameters like PPFD, temperature, humidity, energy consumption, etc

20+% reduction in energy consumption

The grower can set the exact
light level and spectrum required for the crop

Complete automation and control of lights

Cosmicnode Solution

  • Successfully deployed 5200 light nodes in tomato greenhouse spread across 10 hectares.
  • 5200 light nodes split into 9 zones in the greenhouse.
  • Cosmicnode application enables greenhouse growers to define the right light levels, set up calendar routines, and automate the entire process.
  • Our smart controls also help growers to bring down the energy consumption.


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