Infinity features:
  • Energy optimisation for lighting and building services.
  • Data collection and visualisation of energy consumption, occupancy, and environmental data.
  • Collection of energy, occupancy, environmental data, and dashboard visualisation.
  • Data collection and analytics for space management.
  • Remote monitoring and control functionality.
  • Built-in solution templates for several industries including offices, commercial, retail and parking.
  • Floor plan visualiser tool for plotting and mapping physical assets.
  • Calendar and scheduler application.
  • Workplace safety, productivity, and well-being optimization.
Infinity-enabled modules:
  • Light Management System connects sensors, controllers and smart luminaires wirelessly.
  • Emergency Lighting Management provides remote maintenance and management of modern emergency lighting.
  • Real-Time Occupancy Management allows real-time data from IoT sensors on availability for space management and allocation.
  • Building Analytics provides real-time sensor data to manage building conditions and capacities.
  • Asset Management offers reliable tracking, monitoring, and control of assets across warehouses and factories.
The Benefits of Infinity

Infinity enables OEMs, lighting manufacturers, system integrators, and installers to easily integrate reliable and robust wireless technology into their product ecosystem.

Building insights can facilitate the better management and optimisation of space in the building, resulting in the elimination of inefficiencies. By using IoT-enabled smart systems, operating efficiency and significant energy savings are easy to achieve by automating lighting, temperature, and air quality based on occupancy.

With IoT data analytics, businesses have real-time access to the conditions and performances of the building infrastructure systems. By allowing users to remotely check the performance, connectivity and security of devices. By understanding these conditions, warehouses, and offices can optimise and streamline their operations.

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